the Nature of spirits

over the last few months i have seen a lot of posts concerning demons, and a lot of those posts label demons as ‘evil’.

this for me, raises the question; what is ´evil´ really?

is evil defined by a spirit, or entity, acting on intentions to hurt you?

because if so, should´nt we also label tigers and other predators as evil? they too occasionally hurt people with the intention to do so, but we do not label those as evil, because it is in their nature to do so. just as it is in our own nature to wish ills, upon people, who have not treated us with the respect we demand.

so why do we label spirits from the lower realms, and demons, as evil? if you do not treat the tiger with logical measures, meant to protect yourself, you will get hurt.

no spirit or entity is purely `good´, nor is any entity only evil.

i don´t consider demons or lower realm entities evil, nor do i consider them as lesser than, say, angels. i consider them different.

tho i compared demons and entities with the tiger, this is not to be understood as if they should be treated like animals, quite the opposite. i am simply meaning to say that you should never underestimate a spirits potential of hurting you.

demons and spirits, should be researched, as you would research an unknown, potentially dangerous predator, before locking yourself in a cage with them. entities are very different then animals, and should never be ordered around.

always treat demons, angels, spirits, deities and other entities with the utmost respect, only then can you expect to be treated with respect yourself.





Author: faerythoughts

eclectic witch from denmark, feminist, eco freak, and pastel enthusiast

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